Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to find and acquire fundamentally good businesses, and actively build them over the long-term.


We approach every investment as an opportunity to partner with a Management team to build a business. We do not have an ‘investment horizon’ as we invest the capital and time it takes to build businesses over the long-term. Unlike traditional private equity, we do not have the time pressures of a fund and do not make money from fees. We create meaningful wealth by making companies better.

Target Companies

We are not looking for the perfect business. We believe that we can capture value where others cannot.


We focus on the fundamentals and can move quickly to get a deal done. We do not believe in overcomplicating things.


We invest like a family would. We do not use excessive leverage; we overcapitalize our investments appropriately, and operate businesses prudently.

Active Management

We do not sit in an ivory tower; we are actively involved in the management and stewardship of our portfolio companies.

Youth & Energy

We bring young aspiring professionals to businesses in need of a transition to the next generation.