Investment Philosophy

Fairness & Integrity
As a private, family-funded investor, we invest as a family would. We believe in operating with the highest level of integrity in everything we do. We treat all stakeholders fairly, and go out of our way to ensure fairness in all business dealings with lenders, investors, and management of investee companies. We believe that these values filter down to company employees and impact dealings with customers and suppliers at the operations level.

As a family office, we do not face the same time pressures as a traditional private equity fund manager. While we have access to a significant amount of capital through our network of private investors, we do not manage institutional capital. Therefore, we have considerable flexibility in our investment time horizon, looking to hold and build investments over the long term, rather than entering with a set time horizon for exit. Our primary goal is to build great businesses over the long-term.

We believe in a collaborative approach when working with our investee companies’ management teams. We are flexible when operating, actively managing investee companies when necessary, or taking a passive approach to elevate existing management. We act as consultants to our management teams by taking on whatever role necessary to create value for us and our partners.

Alignment of Interests
Our investment philosophy is based on aligning stakeholder interests to build equity value at our portfolio companies. We treat all stakeholders as partners. We do not make money from fees or ‘carried interest’; each of the CIEL partners has a significant personal investment in each portfolio Company, ensuring our unwavering commitment to prudently create value over the long-term.