Active Management

Active Management
We are not afraid to ‘roll up our sleeves’ and do the work to transition businesses and actively support existing Management. We have succeeded by taking an active role in businesses to help with ownership transition and provide a foundation for future growth of the business.

Owner/Operator Dependent
Owner/operator dependence is common with small businesses. We work with owners to ensure a smooth transition out of the business including situations where there appears to be heavily reliance on the owner/operator. We have the resources to manage the transitions and are able to step into a full-time operating role to ensure a successful transition.

Consultative Approach
We are active, strategic investors looking for ways to assist Management in the Company’s growth and to build long-term value. We act as active consultants to our investee companies, recognizing the talents and experience of our Management Teams and assisting in any way possible.

We are not afraid of a weak systems or a lack of information. We do the work to professionalize and upgrade infrastructure, build out decision-making tools and implement back-end systems.

New Energy
Post-investment, we bring in new resources with energy, passion and a desire to learn from existing management to transition businesses to the next generation.