Our Strategy

Investing in long term success

Our Values


We align the interests of stakeholders in a company to create win-win relationships.


We have a long-term investment horizon that enables us to invest where others may not.


We are transparent in our approach between all stakeholders in a company.

Our Approach

We look for and invest in fundamentally sound companies. We approach each transaction objectively and take the time to listen and understand seller’s objectives. We align stakeholder interests, goals, and commitments to build a foundation upon which our companies can grow. We add value to investee companies through our expertise, talent, capital, and energy, taking on either an active or passive role in managing investments depending on the situational needs. We believe investing is about people, relationships, and partnerships, which is why we tailor our approach for each individual situation.

Transaction Types

Founder Divestiture
We have experience in transactions where existing founders/owners are seeking an exit for succession or retirement purposes. We recognize owner/operator-dependence is common with many businesses – we have a demonstrated track record of transitioning owners out quickly.

In situations where multi-generational shareholders wish to diversify their holdings or fund partial liquidity, we can provide a solution to ensure optimal outcomes and minimize business disruption.

Management Buyout

We support strong management teams who wish to participate in the ownership transition of a business. We work alongside management and owners to ensure our collective interests are aligned while facilitating an ownership change.

Corporate Divestiture

CIEL Capital has the resources and experience to complete the divestiture of “non-core” businesses within a corporate entity, facilitating the transition to a standalone business.

Our Process

Risk Management
Value Creation

We structure transactions with flexibility and creativity to meet seller objectives and align stakeholder interests.


We offer fair valuations, with clearly defined terms, that lead to certainty of closing.


We structure transactions to maximize cash on closing to get sellers capital out.


We provide simple deal terms and transaction process leading to closed deals. We do not overcomplicate the process.


We are able to move quickly as we have the people, experience and financial resources to close deals.

We understand that risk is inherent in businesses – we have the experience to understand and manage business risks and can close deals where others cannot.


Growth can plateau in a business for several reasons. We inject energy, professionalism, and supportive resources to ignite growth.


Founder run businesses are often heavily dependent on the owner/operator. We work with existing management to ensure a smooth transition to new ownership.


Where others see risk, we see an opportunity to add value to and further entrench key customer relationships.


We help leadership identify, evaluate, and invest in technology needs and applications, with a focus on successful implementation.

We leverage our collective experience, networks, and external resources to create value in our investee companies.


We bring a level of professionalism to our partner companies; taking an active role to support existing management where necessary.


The combined knowledge of the CIEL Capital team and our access to external resources has allowed us to develop a playbook for managing and adding value to our investments.


We have the necessary resources and experience to assist our partner companies with operational improvement initiatives that add lasting value.


We serve as an extension of our partner companies’ management teams, providing support wherever required and allowing management to focus on running and growing their companies.


We have developed partnerships that bring best-in-class resources to small & medium sized companies.

Target Profile